Please Note: All domains for sale on KO.DOMAINS are registered within GoDaddy accounts (with a few exceptions).

Full Payment Sent. What Happens Now?
At checkout you will have the choice of FOUR simple and convenient domain transfer options:

1) Take control of the GoDaddy account that currently holds your purchased domain(s)
We will provide the GoDaddy account number and a new password for you to log in to the account that currently holds your domain(s). You then have full access and control of this GoDaddy account, able to transfer the domains out, or keep that account functional. (We advise changing the given password upon first log in for ensured security and safety).

2) Transfer to your GoDaddy account
If you are an existing GoDaddy customer, just provide us with your account number and associated email address, and we can quickly and simply do a GoDaddy-to-GoDaddy transfer, where you can then accept the domain(s) incoming status in minutes.

3) Transfer to another registrar account (not GoDaddy)
This option is also straightforward, but please be aware that a transfer from GoDaddy (where domains are currently registered) to another registrar account can take 5-10 working days. We will need your necessary details to do a ‘transfer out’ request. (Some registrars require different details, so once we know which registrar you are with, we can better assist with what details we need).

4) Arrange by email or phone
Once payment has been successfully sent, we can happily discuss by email or phone the best option most suitable to your wants and needs, assisting to the best of our abilities for a smooth and quick domain transfer. Please see Contact Us page for our contact details.


No Commitment
You have the freedom and flexibility to cancel (or pay in full) at any time, with no penalty or fee.
(One-month notice required for cancellation)

0% Interest Rate
No interest rate is charged for our pay-monthly options.

Use The Domain Straight-Away
Upon first payment, you will have full use of the DNS settings, domain forwarding, and the ability to change the WhoIs information.

The Domain Is Yours To Use!
During the pay monthly period, the domain is yours to use at your discretion.

Using The Domain

The domain will remain locked in an internal KO.Domains GoDaddy account until full agreed sale price is received.

– You can contact us at any time with any domain modifications (such as DNS alterations, or WhoIs contact information updates)

– A member of the KO.Domains team will make any updates within 24-48 hours of your request

– Upon full agreed sale price being received, the domain will be transferred into a registrar account of your choosing for your complete access and control. (Please see Domain Transfer FAQ’s on this page for more details)

Monthly-Payment Options / Payment Schedule

– Please Contact Us in advance to arrange the most convenient way for your reoccurring payment (such as direct debit or monthly billed invoice)

– The billing cycle starts on the date of first payment received

– If a payment is late or not received on the monthly due date, we will make two seperate attempts of contact within 14 days.

– If no response is gained or payment is still not received after these 14 days, we reserve the right to relist and resell the domain, cancelling any made agreement, with any paid money not eligible for return.